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High Income Skills to Learn in Nigeria

Having good skills can really help in boosting your chances in the labour market. According to official reports, there are about 25 million graduates across the country, with such numbers you need to have a way of standing above the crowd.

What better way of being different than acquiring skills that can make you more employable that others. Most companies don't just need the degree or certificate, they are more interested at what better things you can bring to the company, they are mostly after what additional ability you have that can be useful to them.

Additionally, it is not just about getting employed but if you acquire a very good skill, you can also put up a profile on freelancing websites, and get gig that could increase your monthly income.

Without taking much of your time, below are the top paying skills that could earn you millions in both naira and dollars if you do it correctly.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the highest paying skill you can learn. As an affiliate marketer, you get some percentage from every sale made by those you recommend a product/service to. The commission you get may vary, but mostly it is really worth it.

Affiliate marketers do not need to own the product nor do they take care of the orders, they just get people to buy through them (through their link their link) and they make their money.

Most of the marketing is done online and you can earn as high as 70% when you sell a product.

Massive, right?

Data Entry

The data entry world involves transcribing, typing, completing/updating/submitting client's informations. Generally, it closely connected with gathering data from multiple sources and inputting them into a database in the correct order.

Data entry clerks are in great demand, and if you are good and a bit experienced, you wouldn't have problems in getting hired.

Web Design

A website is an important part of a business, because it serves as its major online presence. And every business owner would very much want a professional website for his or her business.

As a web designer, you can charge as high as $50 per hour and when you gain experience, you can have a fixed rate.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing connect business owners to their target customers. It help drives buyers to a product and client to a service.

According to Statista, in 2021 over 4 billion people use the internet on a daily basis. This means a whole lot of potential customers of a product or service are online. Now, the major task of a digital marketer is to determine what type of marketing is best for a product/service, who are the buyers, the best way to introduce/advertise it them and so on.

On the average, digital marketers make six-figures as a monthly income, you can work for a marketing agency and can decide to start your own agency when you have the experience.

Digital Content Creation

Digital content creation ranges from writing blog posts, social media articles, video contents and the likes on the digital media. The motive of this is to bring audience and potential customers to the channel.

As a digital content creator, there is no fixed amount as to how much you can earn, but you could easily earn a six-figure income monthly.

Graphics Design

Graphics design has been in demand for a long time. Every business, no matter how big or small, at one time or another, need a graphics designer to bring their imaginations to life. Even individuals who are not into business hire graphic designers on several occasions.

Graphics design involves making flyers, business cards, banners, stickers, Logos etc. Now you can see why it in high demand!

In this industry, there isn't a limit to how much you can earn, you can easily make millions from this skill if you are hardworking and ready to learn more.

Software Development

The apps on your smartphone are created by software developers. The apps ranges from games to tools apps like a jotter, text editor, calculator etc. It could also be connected to a website, a good example is Facebook.

Software development is a very lucrative career to engage in.

Though, there are a lot of programming languages that could be used in developing mobile applications, it is very advisable to pick one and start with that. After mastering it, you could pick another language that might be related to the first one you've learnt, this way, you could easily become a professional and earn more.

On the average, if employed to an organization, junior developers can earn as high as 350,000 naira. Well, if you intend to go solo, a gig on most freelancing websites can go as high as $2000.

Kindle Direct Publishing

Popularly known as KDP, this allows you to make money from your writing ability courtesy of Amazon. Mostly all you have to do is to write a book, it could be about anything.

From self development books to tutorials to novels and even children stories, anything you can find on Amazon books store section, you can also publish the same through KDP, Amazon accepts everything as long as it yours and not plagiarized.

It costs absolutely nothing to upload your work on Kindle, and as to how much you can earn, you get paid royalties ranging as high as 70% per book sold.

You can check out Amazon Kindle royalties.

Cyber Security

The Cyber Security industry simply prevent data and information from getting into the wrong hands, and these wrong hands are hackers.

As the years goes by, the numbers of attempts to steal (hack) data is going up, and a number of these attempts have been successful.

This has made business organization and companies to be data conscious, hence the need for a good cyber security officer.

If you are an expert at cyber security and good at prevent hacks and attempts to steal stored informations and data, you would be in very high demand and you will certainly earn a lot.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical hackers try to hack datas with the full permission of the owner(s). This enables them to find out the vulnerability of the system and then, create defensive measures against the vulnerability in the case of a real attack.

This might sound similar to cyber security, and while the two department's end game is to secure data, there is a huge difference between ethical hacking and cyber security

Many people confuse the two together but here is the difference: While cyber security officers major job is to prevent the system from hacks and malicious attacks, ethical hackers outrightly attack the system, with the owners permission and whenever they find a vulnerability, they point it out and update it.

Ethical hackers think like hackers since the job is about hacking, and they make six-figures to seven-figures monthly. Ethical hacking is in high demand, and if you have the dedication to learn it, you can't be jobless.

Gaining high-income skills

The skills listed above can definitely help in boosting your income. They also go a long way in making your CV more appealing in the labour market, both in Nigeria and internationally.

So, what if you don't have the skills above but you are ready to learn. The best way to do that is investing in your self and acquiring the right technical ability.

Learning new skills requires time, money, dedication and perseverance. Though, at first it could seem like a lot, but if you are ready to learn, it is very rewarding. You can look through the article and pick one skill you are interested in and search for courses and tutorials about the skill.

YouTube is also a very insightful channel to get free resources to learn any skill you choose.

Here is where I say goodbye and good luck!!!

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