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Affiliate Marketing Websites In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing is one of the top skills that can earn you money in Nigeria. Apart from that, it is also a very interesting way to convert your audience into buyers without you owning any product but you earn from purchases made through your link.

We write this article solely for you, to enable you know the numerous affiliate websites available to Nigerians under different niches.

This affiliate websites list includes niches like the normal general stores, hosting, travels and even betting. We include all the best affiliate programs, so that at the end of this article, you should be able to know exactly which program you want to start your affiliate marketing career in.

Top Affiliate Websites In Nigeria

Online General Store

1. Amazon Associates

You already know Amazon store. It is the first for almost all those who are new to referring buyers to product. It offers an affiliate program known as Amazon Associates.

One of the things that makes Amazon Associates very profitable especially for newbies is the fact that you can market almost every product in eve niche. New products are added to Amazon on a daily basis.

2. Jumia Affiliate Program

Similar to Amazon, Jumia is also an online store that is based in Nigeria. With their affiliate program, you earn whenever someone buys something on Jumia using your link.

Getting your account approved is not that complex. You can submit your website details, social media accounts and you can choose email marketing.

3. Konga

This is another e-commerce store I guess you should be familiar with. It is based in Nigeria and headquartered in Gbagada, Lagos.

Konga affiliate allows you to promote different products from smartphones to tablet, books, electronics and games etc. Your affiliate account would be approved swiftly if all your submitted informations are correct.

4. AliExpress

If you usually shop online, you might have came across AliExpress. It offers products ranging from gadgets, electronics, cloths, shoes etc. The online store is based in China and people from other countries can also make purchases from them, even Nigeria.

AliExpress runs an affiliate program for interested marketers, it is relatively easy to join. After your registration, you can create your affiliate link to any product of your choice and earn when someone clicks your link and buy.


E-commerce stores that offers general products may not offer big affiliate commissions. Most of them offer at most 9%. Although many experienced and professional affiliate marketers don't usually go for them, it is a very good place for those newly venturing into affiliate marketing to test the waters.

Affiliate MarketPlace Website

These are affiliate networks with thousands of products from different merchants for marketers to promote. The beauty of this is that unlike general stores, there are numerous merchants to choose products from. And this means more earning opportunities because affiliate commissions could go as high as 20%.

5. ShareASale

This is a very popular network for affiliate marketing. You can set up an account with them and browse through the list of merchants available.

Products to promote ranges from gadgets, cloths, and the likes to digital services (products). Once you see a product you think you can market, you generate an affiliate link which is easy to do. Commissions depends strictly on the seller whose product you choose.

6. Rakuten

Rakuten Network is another profitable affiliate network. Although the number of merchants isn't as big as ShareASale, but it can boast of a thousand active merchants which includes big names like Walmart, bestbuy etc. Now, you see that you can't run out of products to promote.

Your commission also depends on the merchant you choose, so do well to screen through the products for one you can promote with high commission.

7. CJ Affiliate

It was known before as Commission Junction, it is a lot like ShareASale and popularly known among experienced marketers. With over two thousand merchants, you just have to check out enough products for you to see one with a commission that suits you.

The products available includes both physical and digital products from across different niches. The merchants set the commission their willing to pay, so your earnings depends on you ( what product you choose).

8 Avangate

This is a bit different from the other affiliate networks listed in this category, but Avangate is also an affiliate marketplace. The difference between Avangate and others like ShareASale is that Avangate specializes in digital products and software. This gives you the opportunity to market products related to VPN, online tools and the likes.

One of the main reasons why affiliate marketers like Avangate is that the commission could go as high as 75%. Massive right? Create an account with Avangate to get started.

Air Ticket Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

This category pays a lot but requires a lot of hard work on your part. You will promote flight ticket to your audience and once they buy, you can earn as high as 70% commission.

Below, we list the best air ticket affiliate programs in Nigeria, go through them and pick one or all and start earning!

9. TravelStart

TravelStart is a travel agency that is popular in the country. It offers competitive price on flight tickets, tours vacation and visa processing service.

If you are in the travel niche or you intend to go into it, the TravelStart affiliate program could earn you about 70% in affiliate commission and it is free to register. You can also choose either textlink or i-frame during registration. i-frame for a banner-like campaign with the TravelStart search engine embedded in your site. Textlink can be used by you to book flights for your customers.

10. WakaNow

WakaNow brands itself as the number one travel company in Africa, and judging by their network and customers, they are one of the best.

As a WakaNow affiliate marketer, you get access to discounts on WakaNow services.

WakaNow requires a N20,000 fee during affiliate registration.

With the right audience and strategy, WakaNow affiliate program is an avenue to earn big.

WakaNow requires a N20,000 fee during affiliate registration.

11. TravelBeta

This is another travel agency in Nigeria that offers affiliate program. It offers flight tickets, tour destinations, hotel stops, travel deals and many more services at affordable prices.

You can sign up today, to start earning with TravelBeta. It is free and there is no setup fee.

Hosting Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

12. Bluehost

Hosting companies also offer affiliate programs that have been proven to change lives, Bluehost is one of them.

They offer a flat rate of $65.00 for every of your referrals that sign up and pay for a hosting service. Imagine, you as a newbie, could refer just ten new users in one month, that would be $650. With the dollar to naira exchange rate of $1 = N410, you could make over N250,000 monthly. That's more than what some salary earners make a month.

Go to Bluehost website and sign up for affiliate, it is free to join and easy to use.

13. WhoGoHost

WhoGoHost is a hosting company in Nigeria. They offer domain registration, shared hosting, cloud hosting etc.

It affiliate program is not complex at all. After registration, you are given an affiliate link to share with your audience, for every sale you make, you get a commission. Commissions on WhoGoHost ranges from 5% to 15%.

14. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is an international company that offers domain and hosting related services. Their prices are usually affordable and their services are good.

GoDaddy affiliate program is similar to WhoGoHost affiliate model only that it is more robust. The earning commission is about 15% and sometimes more. It depends on the service you are promoting.

15. NameCheap

Another international hosting company that offers an affiliate program is NameCheap. It offers a great service and the prices are very affordable.

As an affiliate marketer, you earn 20% to 35% depending on the product ordered by your referral. Payment is not a problem as NameCheap is a very reputable company and your money would be paid to you when due.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Affiliate Program In Nigeria

16. Binance

Binance is a very big name in the cryptocurrency industry. It is the biggest centralized exchange worldwide and Nigerians are free to trade with it.

You can join Binance affiliate program and earn as high as 50% on every trade executed by your referral. Joining the program is very easy and free for all, try it today!

17. Kucoin

Another big player in the cryptocurrency exchange industry is Kucoin. At the time of writing this article, Kucoin is ranked fifth worldwide by volume according to coinmarketcap.

Kucoin affiliates earn about 40% of trading fees and 5% of their referrals bonus. You can apply to become an affiliate by filling a form and if you already have an account, check under your profile for the referral section.

18. FTX

FTX, ranking second on the volume ranking by coinmarketcap is a very popular exchange among crypto lovers.

It offers spot trading, futures etc.

When you become an affiliate, you get a unique referral link, and anytime a new user click your link and register, you get from 25% to 40% of their fees.

19. is also an exchange that offers attractive commission to affiliate marketers. Like most crypto exchange, once you have an account with you can get your referral link in your profile tab.

You can earn up to 50% whenever you convince a new user to sign up with your link.

Sport Betting Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

20. Bet9ja

Even if you don't do sport betting, there is every possibility you've heard of Bet9ja, every Nigerian must have heard of them. They also offer an attractive referral package for interested individuals.

You can make 20% of the total money your referral lost on Bet9ja, lols. You can join by registering, and earn by promoting Bet9ja.

21. 1×bet Affiliate Program

Another reputable sport betting company in Nigeria is 1×bet. They offer good commissions through their affiliate program and these commissions usually start from 25%.

The first step you need to take before you start making money with 1×bet is for you to create an account with them. The minimum payment threshold is $30.

22. Bet365 Affiliate Program

Bet365 is quite popular among sport gamblers. It referral program allows you to earn about 30% from your referral on bets across all sports betting service they offer.

Create a Bet365 affiliate account and start promoting them with your audience. A lot of marketers earn over a thousand dollars with them.

In Conclusion

And there you have it, a total list of affiliate marketing websites in Nigeria. All the websites listed above are either Nigerian companies or they accept Nigerians, so you can never have a problem joining them and receiving your money during payouts.

You can pick any of them to start with or you can join two or more to increase your options and earn more money, that was the sole reason for writing this anyway.

There are numerous ways of promoting and earning with affiliate marketing, but it is more easier if you have a website preferably a blog. Although, you know the best way to get audience and turn them to referrals, because at the end of everything you need to find a way to get your offers before people, so they can click and buy.

So, pick the program(s) you wish to join, research well on it (them), know the basics before you begin promotion.

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