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Things To Consider When Choosing A Career

Choosing a career path is one of the most exciting period in ones life. You get to determine which course your life takes in the next few decades and if you choose a wrong career, you may have to come back to this same point where you have to choose a new career after wasting a lot of months or years and resources in a career you thought was best only to find out you actually hate the job.

This is why it is very important to choose the right career so you don't end up hating your job.

In this article, we help explain the factors to consider when choosing a career. Here we go!

Know Your Interests And Passions

Interests and passions play a strong role in determining if a career is the right one for you. It is one and mostly the first advice you get when you talk about choosing a career. You don't want to get stuck in a job you have no interest and passion for.

For example, if you like numbers and you enjoy the sequence of mathematical problem, the programming industry might just suit you best.

If you have passion for the development of others you can choose to be a teacher. If you are very interested in helping people, being a social worker would keep you excited all day long.

Knowing what you want in life is the goal, you have to think long term and find out the things you like doing so as to have a successful career and a fulfilling job.

Education And Learning Requirements

Some jobs require university degrees, while some require certificate from technical schools. There are jobs that would involve you learning new things almost on a daily basis, an example is programming.

You would have to outline what it would cost to have the required education expected of you in your chosen career field.

Knowing this would make you better prepared for the career, so you don't stop halfway and start regretting.


A strong factor when choosing a career is the monetary reward you get for the job you do. While it is very advisable to choose a career you love and enjoy, you wouldn't want to feel underappreciated anytime you receive your salary.

And again, like most students, you might have taken a student loan to help cover the cost of study, then what happens if your salary is low compared to what might be required to pay back the loan at the stipulated time.

Some online salary calculator gives you an impression of what to expect as salary when you get employed.

An example is MySalaryScale, it gives you the salary of different jobs based on your location, experience and certificate (education level).

Also Glassdoor, salaryexplorer, and pay scale would help you with the idea of how much you can earn in whatever career you choose.


When choosing a career, put into consideration the work-life balance and how your job might affect you personally.

Different jobs requires different working environment, schedule and work time. Some jobs are shift based, where you are expected to be on shift for long hours, most shifts in Nigeria is 12 hours.

Some jobs require you to work from home while some might require you to travel long distances.

Then, there are those jobs that leaves you almost no family time. For example, in Nigeria, bankers are popularly known to have almost no time for family.

Growth Opportunities And Personal Development

Another thing to look out for when choosing a career is if there are growth opportunities and room for personal development.

Some careers like those that deals with shift leave little to no room for growth, whereas in corporations where the entry-level is the first position, there is always room to move up the hierarchy.

You don't want to have a job, where you get stuck in one position for many years and no moving forward, same work activities and probably, same salary.

Job Availability

Is there always a job available in this career? How quick and easily can I get employed once I am certified for this job?

These are questions you should ask yourself before picking a career. Wasting precious time and money in a career that is not in high demand is not what you would do, or is it?

Through some websites online, you can get a view of the job market for the career you intend to pursue.

An example of such website is indeed. This website is where a lot of organizations recruit workers. Search for the job you have in mind and see if it is in demand.

MyJobMag is also an online site where you get to see the the job availability different career. You can also use it to find jobs online in Nigeria.

Do the things you are very interested in

Like I said in the introduction, most individuals are not happy with their jobs. They get up every morning and don't feel enthusiastic about work. You don't want to be like that, do you?

Do what makes you happy so whenever you get up from bed in the morning, you would always look forward to work.

On a closing note, choosing a career can be very overwhelming, never be pressured to pick a career you don't like.

This list covers important things to consider when choosing a career but you might find some points more important than the other, mostly due to personal preference.

And whatever seem important to you, always make sure you go for the best, for you!

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